Aluminum Patio Covers vs Wood Patio Cover Installation in Ventura Patio Covers vs Wood Patio Cover Installation in Ventura

Aluminum Patio Covers for Ventura

At JB we recommend using aluminum over wood for any patio cover installation, especially in Ventura. Ventura has a dryer climate and gets a little hotter year-round than most cities around the country. Reducing the risk of anything that can feed a fire is also a plus. There are many reasons why you should choose patio products made from aluminum. One of the biggest reasons would be …

  • Cost (Aluminum Patio Covers are cheaper than wood)
  • Warranties (The material usually has a lifetime warranty, unlike wood)
  • Aluminum doesn’t crack or splinter in the heat
  • Termites are a problem in Ventura caused by dry rot(No termites with Aluminum)

The main point here is that Aluminum is durable, cost effective and in the long run will save you time, money and headaches. One product we build our patio covers with here at JB is Duralum. Their motto is, “Choose Duralum. Patio Products that last a lifetime !” That not only sounds good but they stand by their product 100% which is why most of our Patio Covers are built with Duralum Aluminum patio cover material. The hottest product right now is Weatherwood Patio Covers.

Ventura Patio Covers with Weatherwood Aluminum

Weatherwood is a material that is made out of Aluminum but looks just like wood. You get the look and feel of real wood and the durablity and peace of mind of aluminum. Weatherwood patio covers are available for ..

  • Solid Patio Covers
  • Retractable Patio Covers
  • Free Standing Patio Covers

Their new exclusive Cedar Embossed 8″ plank design is one of our favorites here at JB. These patio cover and sunroom products are energy efficient and more …

  • Built-in gutter system with leaf guard
  • Durable baked enamel finish with Dupont Teflon surface protector
  • These patio covers will never chip, crack or peel
  • These patio covers meet and exceed building standards for the City of Ventura and the State of California

Duralum (the manufacturer of Weatherwood aluminum patio covers) is one of California’s largest manufacturer’s of patio and sunroom products. They have over 50 years of experence and JB Rain Gutters and Patio Covers are proud to use their products when we construct your custom patio products. We offer lifetime warranties on all our products and hope you choose us for all your residential, commercial and sunroom needs.



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