August is a great time to consider a new patio cover for your home is a great time to consider a new patio cover for your home

Why should I invest in a Patio Cover

What makes a great patio? If you’re thinking of adding a patio to your backyard or improving your home you should consider a patio cover. Patio covers these days are inexpensive and easy to maintain — they save you energy and over-all add value your property.


The aluminum lattice patio covers we install save you time in maintenance, last a lifetime and are guaranteed under warranty. If you have old patio covers made from different materials it may be time to invest in a product that will save you time and money. They look just like wood but are much lighter and stronger. We have many different brands and colors to choose from.

What makes JB Rain Gutters and Patio Cover installations different

We take pride in our work. A family owned business for many years now providing excellent service and affordable rates. We’ll come out and give you a free estimate; sometimes over the phone. We are very competitive and have the experience to get the job done. We help you find a patio cover that is affordable for your budget, looks good with your existing property and get the job done quickly.

A lot of new home owners and realty companies alike are finding out patio covers not only protect you from the sun and make your home more comfortable but also add more value to your property. We have an A+ rating from the better business bureau and hundreds of satisfied customers. Some of the work we’ve completed recently below.


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