Installing copper rain gutters in Ventura copper rain gutters in Ventura

Copper rain gutter and down-spout install by the beach

It was the day before Veterans Day. It was really windy but beautiful weather outside to install some copper rain gutters.

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We got there early so we could get a head start on the day. The copper gutters went up without any problem. The owner liked the look and feel of the copper rain gutters and was excited to see them up. He was relieved to have some guttering up right before the rainy season. Being by the beach these copper raingutters will start to patina very rapidly. We also have spray that quickens the process but it wasn’t necessary in this case.

We took a quick lunch at wienerschnitzel on harbor blvd. They had a great special on hot dog and chili dog combo it was great. Twenty minutes later we’re back on the job. Joseph tackled the down spouts and they really came out like a work of art. He really makes it look easy because he can knock them out so fast but that’s from years of experience. We cleaned up and called it a day. The home-owner is a retired fire fighter and it was a pleasure speaking with him and putting up his copper rain gutters.


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