Installing rain gutters at the beach in Ventura County rain gutters at the beach in Ventura County

It was going to be a quick job in Ventura County at the beach

It was another beautiful day in Hollywood beach in Ventura County. We needed to install some rain gutters on the second story. This was supposed to be a quick one day job and everything went well.

We backed up the van on the sand and measured the length of aluminum rain gutter that we needed. The neighbor had a really cool dog that watched us all day for the rain gutter installation. It was a second story that was still in the process of being renovated so it was tricky to get up and install the new gutters but everything went pretty smoothly.

Aluminum rain gutters

It was a quick two man job but we pulled it off. The owner was delighted and we were on our way. The gutters added the finishing touch to the new look of the house and we were just in time for the big El Nino rainy season. We took a few photos of our experience that day and hope you enjoy them.

Aluminum rain gutters are one of the most widely used gutters for new installations in Ventura County California. JB Rain gutters are professional aluminum rain gutter installers with years of experience on many different home varieties. They’re pretty popular and we recommend using them. For the modern home aluminum gutters are an affordable alternative and easily maintained. They don’t rust and have a great life expectancy of about three decades. There are many different colors to choose from and they are a great choice for commercial buildings or residential homes.

Aluminum is the most popular metal used for gutters. It is a low cost, easily maintained solution for today’s homes. It will not rust and has a life expectancy of approximately 30 years.  Available in 21 colors, Aluminum is the product of choice for most residential homes.

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