Prepare your rain gutters for El Nino in Ventura County

Prepare your rain gutters for El Nino in Ventura County

Rain may be on the way to Ventura County this winter. A warming Pacific ocean near the equator causes large amounts of rain to fall in the Ventura County area. In 2014 it was basically a false alarm and the El Nino rains were far from heavy according to the VC Star.  Although the El Nino signs and signals are still very strong this year, it’s still not a given we will have heavy rains.

This could be a major blessing for our drought situation here in Southern California but storm damage is also a down side.

All you can do is make sure you are prepared. We’re here to help.

The fact is you better be prepared because there is a big chance it’s coming this year 2015. Your rain gutters have to be cleaned are they will be useless against the storm. If you don’t have rain gutters on your house its about time you get them installed.

Contact us and schedule a free examination and estimate of your current rain gutter situation today.


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