Seamless rain gutter installation in Ventura rain gutter installation in Ventura

Seamless Aluminum Rain Gutter Installation

A typical rain gutter tear down and installation in Ventura.

rain gutter replacement rain gutters before

We arrived to the job site on San Clemente in Ventura ready to rip off the old rain gutters and install new rain gutters. Apparently it had been quite a long time since the rain gutters had been replaced or cleaned. According to the owner only about 78 years. I was excited about replacing the old steal gutters with new seamless aluminum. We estimated it would take us about a days work.

rain gutters ventura rain gutter tear down

After close inspection of the rain gutters it appeared that they were only hanging on the house by the old paint job. The owner was lucky he did not have disaster with these very old rain gutters. The painter had just arrived the day before; painting the house and over the gutters. The steal rain gutters were about to be torn down by JB and replaced so it wasn’t a big deal that he hit them with the paint.

a hot day to install rain gutters baby is born

After unloading the equipment and getting ready to install the rain gutters I got the call that I was a new daddy. We had to load everything back up and rush to the hospital ASAP! Our client was very understanding and didn’t have a problem with me coming back in a few days to finish the job. Life happens when you’re making other plans.

rain gutters were dirty rain gutter dirt and debris rain gutter debris

Back on the job and tearing down the rain gutters we noticed they were in really bad shape. Many decades of dirt and debris could be seen through the layers of old dust. Close to the bottom layer was the forties–next–the sixties and the hippy generation, all the way through to Nirvana with a sprinkle of Justin Bieber on top. It was horrible and I was glad to get this old steal gutter off the home. Take a good look at what accumulates in your gutter over years and years of neglect. It probably wouldn’t have been long before all the dirt and debris in this gutter caused a collapse. It’s very important to get your gutters cleaned regularly and this is a great example. When the gutters are not under a tree they accumulate a very fine dust that builds up over time and looks like mud.

painter on the job coffee break old steal rain gutters

It was great working along side Eric (the painter) at the job–he was a really nice guy and did great work. We took five and had some coffee to boost up our energy to finish tearing down the old steal gutters; you can see they were quite a mess. The pile was actually a lot bigger than this when we were done.

gutters installed joseph barajas contractor new seamless gutters new seamless gutters

I installed the new seamless aluminum gutters and we called it a day. I hope you enjoy the pictures and get a little bit more of an idea of how a typical tear down and rain gutter install works.


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