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We installed a patio cover, metal rain gutters and cups in Santa Barbara

hope ranch santa barbaraWe had a great time installing rain gutters in Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara. It was a really beautiful place to work. The views in Hope Ranch are spectacular because it’s nestled in the hills with an awesome coastal view. Our client was so pleased with how her metal gutters turned out we were privileged and more than happy to install her patio cover in her backyard.

Everything turned out beautifully and we finally installed some copper rain cups. The rain cups really added an extra touch of beauty to an already exquisite home.

Steel rain gutter install

steel rain guttersIn recent years the popularity of seamless gutters has been growing. This wasn’t the case in Hope Ranch at this particular location. She had made her mind up very early she was sold on steel gutters. There are many differences between seamless aluminum and steel. One of the main differences between the two are a matter of length. Steel gutters are usually in 10 foot sections and they take a little longer to install.

Seamless aluminum can be cut into much larger sections therefore making it a much faster rain gutter installation process.



The patio cover installation

patio coverThe patio covers were a beautiful addition to her backyard and complimented her gutters. She went with a very simple and inexpensive patio cover. She was only concerned with letting the sunshine in and keeping the rain off her deck. She has so many plants it was almost like a green house feeling. Overall it ended up being just what she wanted and since we were installing the rain gutters, we might as well install the patio cover as well.


Copper rain cups

copper rain cupsRain cups drain water from your rain gutter, often referred to as rain chains. Rain cups are very unique and a great accessory to any gutter system, when installed properly. Copper rain cups are by far one of the most popular types of rain cups. Rain cups are a great alternative to downspouts. The cups guide the water down the chain of cups in a beautiful way and is very pleasing to experience.

If you wanted to you could also put some plants in some rain cups that are wide enough; they come in different sizes: large, medium, extra large etc.





More photos of the rain gutter, patio cover and rain cups installation:

steel rain gutter installation  rain gutters hope ranchjoseph barajas contractor


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