The last rain gutter installation of summer last rain gutter installation of summer

rain gutters and downspouts

Our last rain gutter installation of summer went extremely well. Our customer was more than happy and we even installed leaf guards on portions of her house because it wasn’t five minutes before they were up leaves were starting to accumulate. It is very important to have leaf guard protections on some houses or you have to constantly clean your gutters. Usually when this happens they aren’t cleaned when they should be and the rain gutter fails. JB Rain Gutters always makes sure we inform our customers of the best options that will save them time and money in the long run.

She had a small home with a tenant house in the back that was attached to a garage. It was basically two houses. The tenant in the back had a small dog that we managed to avoid and this kept us on our toes through the rain gutter installation of his home. She decided to hire JB Rain Gutters because she heard that we do a great job and we were local. It was important to her that she hire a professional because being a single mom, she couldn’t be at the site the entire time.

The house also needed numerous down spouts installed and we had to make sure everything was to her custom specifications. We installed the seamless aluminum rain gutters and downspouts without a problem. We came back the next day for the leaf guards after explaining the situation with the numerous trees on one side of the house.

Here are some before and after photos of the rain gutter installation right before we added the downspouts:

before and after rain gutters  before and after rain gutters





before and after rain gutters  before and after rain gutters





It was an incredible day and such a pleasure to install her gutter system for her and her tenant. We finally made friends with the dog and the time just flew by. We thank you for your business and I hope you enjoyed our blog post today about our last rain gutter installation of summer.

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